Our Story


Owner, Kathryn Oliveiro’s passion for coffee began in 2005 while working at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle, WA.  It was here she learned how exciting and special the complexity of coffee can be. She developed an appreciation for all the amazing qualities each unique coffee has to offer. Fast forward 14 years and 3 kids later, her passion for the experience of quality coffee blossomed into starting a coffee roasting business of her own, right in her backyard.   With her husband by her side, they learned how to develop the smoothest, most flavorful cup of coffee they could offer.  

Bom Vida Coffee purchases specialty grade coffee beans from socially and environmentally responsible vendors.  These vendors partner with very small coffee farms from around the world. We truly love how each bag of coffee beans reflect the uniqueness or “terroir” of the farm where it is cultivated and cared for.  That makes it extra special to us.  

The roasting process allows us to develop these special coffee beans to their fullest potential, bringing out the pleasant and unexpected flavors the beans have to offer. 

Here at Bom Vida, we love how a cup of coffee can be an experience shared with others and allows us to serve our community by giving 10% of our profits back to local Pittsburgh charities such as the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. 

We hope your experience with our coffee is special and unique just like the origin from which it came from.

Good coffee.  Good life.